Parev Trifle


1 Elite or Osem plain packaged cake – ugat habayit (I use marble, but you can use chocolate or a plain white cake if you can find it. Don’t use cakes with bits in them)

About ½ cup sweet sherry or dessert wine (enough to drizzle over all the pieces of cake)

1 packet strawberry jelly (80g/2.8 oz)

1 800g (28 oz) can mixed fruit cocktail drained

1 packet instant vanilla pudding (80g/2.8 oz)

400ml (13.5 fl oz) soy milk

250 ml (8.5 fl oz) non-dairy cream

Parev dark chocolate for decoration

How to do it 

Parev Trifle

1. Cut the cake into 2cm/1 inch slices and lay at the bottom of a medium-sized glass bowl, trying not to leave any spaces between them.

2. Drizzle the sherry or dessert wine over each piece of cake evenly.

3. Pour the drained fruit cocktail over the cake pieces evenly (try to arrange the red fruits near the glass to make the desert look most colorful when it’s done)

4. Prepare the jelly according to the directions on the packet. Pour over the fruit. Refrigerate until the jelly is set (about an hour)

5. Prepare the vanilla pudding according to the directions on the packet, using the soy milk instead of regular milk. Pour over the jelly. Refrigerate until the pudding is set (about half an hour)

6. Whip the cream and spread over the set vanilla pudding. Using the fine part of a grater, grate parev dark chocolate over the cream as decoration. You can also add other decorations to taste – if you have lots of kids, you can use gummy sweets to decorate as well.

7. Refrigerate until you serve.

Serves about 10-12.


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