About Me

I’m Margo Sugarman, a business writer by profession. I live in Israel, am married with three kids and I love to cook. 

I was once having a chat with a colleague at the office of one of my clients in Tel Aviv. We were talking about food and I mentioned that I keep kosher and have a kosher kitchen at home. He looked at me in shock. “But you’re so into good food!” he spluttered. “How can you be a ‘foodie’ and keep kosher as well?” I was as shocked as he was. For me, being kosher and loving good food are far from mutually exclusive. So I decided that it’s time for me to start writing about one of the things I really love – (kosher) food.

I’ve never taken a cooking course and I don’t proclaim to be a professional cook in any way. I’m a home cook who cooks for family and friends. I don’t believe in being intimidated by the gourmet chefs we see on TV, because while they have professional kitchens, years of experience and lots of training, we cook in home kitchens and have limited time and many mouths to feed. For me, successful cooking is about making tasty food that makes everyone come back for second helpings. And if it looks good in the process, that’s a great bonus.

The recipes I post will only be those I have used frequently, so I know I’m not giving out defective recipes. And of course, I’m hoping to hear from all of you – post your own versions, give your comments, tips and ideas.

I’m hoping that this blog will inspire and offer some new takes on old favorites as well as some old takes on old classics and more.

Some notes: Because I live in Israel, I will be using ingredients that can be bought here. Also, in some recipes, which aren’t baked, my quantities may be approximate.

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. A little bird called Brynn told me about your blog, and welcome to our crazy world! I can’t wait to try out your Strawberry Cupcake recipe, especially since they are now in season.

  2. Hi Margo, great site! Do you know where can I buy Kosher Fondant here in Israel? Please send me an e-mail. Thanks for your help. Daniel

  3. Hi. I stumbled across your blog whole searching for a recipe and I am hoping you can help.

    Years ago, my then-boss shared a recipe for “Honey Butter Bars” and the were from a kosher cookbook. They contained honey, butter, flour, sugar, and (I think) salt. When baked, they had an almost shortbread like consistency. They didn’t have any fruit, etc. in them. Just plain bars.

    My boss moved on to another job and so did I, and she appears to be the only person on the planet not on social media. I am looking for anyone who might have a recipe similar to what I described (I can’t, if course, recall the name of the cookbook, either). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I do not recall seeing such a recipe in any of my books – in fact most of my recipe books are regular recipe books, and I work to turn the less kosher recipes into kosher ones. I will have a look through the books I have and see if I can find anything that resembles the Honey Butter Bars.

  4. Just found your blog. I too am South African, living in St louis USA. I keep kosher and I am a full on foodie. I am a home cook, never taken a lesson. I love to cook for my three sons & hubby and prepare Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. I am so excited I found your blog. PS, inspite of my recipe book obsession- your blog is my go to for inspiration currently. So excited. Thanks

    • Hi Juli,
      How lovely to hear. I am very flattered that I am inspiring you in the kitchen. Wishing you many many delicious meals.

  5. Hi!

    You have some awesome recipes! I am Caleb Coombes, the Founder & President of FYI Teen News. A free magazine for teenagers and young adults. We have a recipe page and I would love to feature some of your recipes in our issues. Especially this burger recipe. Would you give us permission to use some of your recipes in our bi-monthly issues? We will give full credit to you. And a link to your blog!

    Learn more about us at http://www.fyiteennews.com

    • Hi,
      With pleasure! Thanks for the compliment. You have my full permission to use my recipes and pictures. Please let me know how I can see them when they are published.

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