Back with an easy, tasty summer mousse dessert

With apologies for my absence, I am back with something sweet.

Summer is the time for those delicious desserts that you serve nice and cold from the fridge. But it’s also the time when you don’t want to spend too many hours in the kitchen. I was given this recipe for a vanilla chocolate mousse dessert years ago, and I never get tired of it. With easy ingredients and the option of making it parev, it’s a winner. I usually make this diary, as it uses milk and cream, but substitute the milk and cream with soy milk and non-dairy cream, and this recipe will work just as well. The crowning glory here is the chocolate mousse, which is a classic parev favorite, so  this dessert will stay tasty, whether you’r making it dairy or parev.

Vanilla Chocolate Mousse Dessert



250 g (9 oz) vanilla petit beurre cookies

2 cups very strong, hot coffee

1½ packets of instant vanilla pudding

1 cup whipping cream or non-diary cream

200g dark chocolate

1 cup milk or soy milk

2 tablespoons butter or margarine

Break up cookies to fill in the spaces for the base

4 eggs separated

How to do it

1. Dip petit beurre cookies in the hot coffee and line the bottom of a large round baking dish or glass dish (about 28cm/11 inch diameter) with one layer

2. Beat the cream until is just starts to thicken. Then add the milk and whisk in the vanilla pudding powder until smooth. Pour over the biscuit base.

Pour the vanilla layer over the cookies

3. Add another layer of coffee dipped cookies on top of the vanilla layer, cover and refrigerate to set.

4. While the vanilla layer is setting, melt the chocolate in a small saucepan with the butter/margarine until smooth. Remove from heat and let the chocolate cool a little.

5. Beat the yolks and carefully add them to the chocolate, mixing well all the time so you don’t allow them to cook.

Stiff egg whites that don’t drop off the beaters

6. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Take a large mixing spoon of the egg whites and carefully fold them into the yolk mixture to loosen it before you incorporate it into the whites. Do not forgo this step – if you do, your mousse won’t be as light and airy as it should be. Then add the yolk mixture to the whites, and fold together carefully until it is all incorporated. Pour the mousse over the vanilla layer and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.


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