Recipes for Pesach – Part III

Desserts are generally the biggest challenge to make kosher for Pesach. Over the years, I have found some reliable recipes that taste good and aren’t terribly difficult to make. In general, kosher for Pesach dessert require lots of eggs, a lot of whisking of egg whites, and as a result, the use of multiple bowls. It’s hard to avoid and part of the process, so just make sure you have enough bowls to use. Most importantly, all these desserts are parev.

Coconut Mounds – Pesach isn’t Pesach without coconut cookies. In my childhood, coconut macaroons (which is what we called them even though they really weren’t macaroons) were one of the few confectionaries to be found kosher for Pesach in South Africa, so this is a real childhood taste. When I first made this recipe, I was sure it would be disastrous because it just seemed way too easy. I was wrong. They are delicious and crazy easy, so do make them with your kids. 

Apple Squares for Pesach – This is a regular on my Seder dessert table. It’s easy to make, tastes good and isn’t overly sweet. And of course, it’s parev, so works on many levels. There’s nothing like fruit to cover the taste of the kosher for Pesach “flours”!

Chocolate Roll For Pesach – Here’s a fun dessert that’s versatile, tastes good and looks good. Have fun with fillings of your choice. I offer two options, but you can get creative and add whatever you and your family like.


One thought on “Recipes for Pesach – Part III

  1. I am learning so much about the Kosher food through this participation. You have very informative posts.
    Thanks a lot for your comment on Tori’s place. It is so nice to connect with others.

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