Recipes for Pesach: Part I

I have so many great Kosher for Pesach (KFP from now on…) recipes that I want to share with you. If I choose to write a long preamble to each, I won’t manage to post everything I’d like to before the chag arrives. So instead, I have added a Passover tab to the main menu on my home page, and I am posting as many recipes there as I can (sorry that there won’t be pictures with all the recipes, but that’s another impediment to getting those all important KFP recipes posted in time).

So I will post a list of the recipes I’ve posted with links to the full recipes. This way you can start cooking ahead of time, something I find always makes entertaining for Seder less stressful, even if it means having to clean your kitchen earlier than anticipated. I have been known to clean and reclean so that I can get my food cooked and frozen.

Good luck and happy KFP cooking!

Quinoa Salad – This is the recipe I came up with one Pesach when I had last minute vegetarian guests. It’s a great dish and makes a really nice salad that’s full of flavor. There is some disagreement as to whether quinoa is kitniyot or not. OUKosher says, “since quinoa, which has only recently been introduced to the Northern Hemisphere from its native South America, was never considered kitnios, it remains permitted on Pesach even though logically it should be included in the minhag…” But please read the full article for all the info and make your own choice.

Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa Salad in a Citrus Dressing

Carrot Soup – One of my favorite everyday soups that’s also KFP and can be made parev, so how can you lose by adding this to your own KFP repertoire?

New Pesach Slaw (can contain kitniyot) – I’ve adapted this recipe from an Asian Slaw recipe I posted a while back. I’ve removed the more Asian ingredients, which aren’t KFP. Still, this is a colorful salad that will look beautiful on your table, even if it doesn’t have the Asian flavors that give it a kick in the rest of the year. It calls for peanut butter…I will post a recipe for making your own KFP peanut butter (for kitniyot eaters).

Chocolate Vanilla Cream Cake – This is a regular recipe that just happens to also be KFP! I love these kinds of recipes, and will post more. I have stumbled on a few over the years in regular recipes books, which just don’t require flour and mean that they can be made on Pesach but won’t be made heavy by potato or matza flour. This is a dairy cake, so you won’t want to serve it at your Seder (unless you’re doing a vegetarian Seder, in which case, I highly recommend this as a great dessert). But as a wonderful treat, this cake’s a winner, especially since it’s really simple to make.


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